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Technology is a tool used to support learning, including – calculators, tablets (such as an IPad), Smart Boards, video/digital cameras, etc. and the computer. These inventions help people through daily activities, but they can have a big impact and effect on classroom education environment. Educational institutions are showing the benefits in using tablets to a better participation of students on an amount of subjects. It is vital to have the user's needs and an understanding of how ICT might help. A clear idea ensures that the equipment and software chosen is appropriate and can be used. By integrating technology in our schools we changed the approach in the educational way and in our classrooms. It brought change in the way teachers teach and the student on the other hand learns. Students have adapted to technology very fast, one can say children are born natives in this era of technology. ICT can support inclusion in many ways and shows the key benefits: 1. Facilitates the learner a greater autonomy. 2. Supports and aids in the potential of learners with communication difficulties. 3. Promotes practice that reaches beyond the school into homes and the community. 4. Tailoring and adapting tasks to suit…show more content…
ICT can be a valuable tool to students with serious physical or learning difficulties but also many students whose reading, writing and numeracy skills develop slowly. Special Needs include conditions such as dyslexia, physical disabilities, speech and language disorders, visual impairment, hearing loss, difficulties in communication, and emotional and behavioural difficulties. Technology, which is aimed and has specifically designed tools for people with specific needs is very expensive to acquire and also to operate. A student who uses augmentative communication needs to have method of talking to develop understanding of cause and

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