Essay On Human Nature

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For thousands of years, human nature was always discussed by a lot of philosophers. It can be defined as the characteristics that humans tend to have naturally, including the methods of thinking, feeling and acting. The philosophers had different views on moral aspect of human nature, for example, Mencius thought that human nature is good but Xunzi believed that human nature is evil. In other points of view, YangHsiung believed that human nature is a mixture of good and evil. As human nature is influenced by our surroundings and good and bad behavior have existed on human originally, human nature is both good and bad. This essay will argue that human nature is the mixture of good and evil by providing evidences and examples to explain the presence…show more content…
However, a variety of people who are doing charity work in the aim of helping others can be found in the world. For instance, after the Sichuan earthquake which occurred in 2008, China received ten billion Chinese Yuan of donation that are donated from people in China and even foreign countries (Hilgers, 2008). This implies that although the donors are doing something that may not beneficial to them such as giving money and materials to strangers without expecting any returns, they are still willing to do so due to their mercy and kindness. Moreover, Chan Cheuk-ming, a restaurant owner in Hong Kong, is providing free meals to the needy in order to help them (Ngo, 2013). Similarly, Starbucks, a worldwide coffee company, allows customers to buy a beverage and reserve one for the homeless (Masters, 2013). These evidences imply that even though shop owners are trying to earn profits, but they will also bear the social responsibility and show their kindness by helping others without expecting any return at the same time. The kindness found from these incidents can also show that people are not totally selfish and the human nature can also be good under the capitalist society. Hence, human nature is not only evil, but also
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