Reflection Of Anthropology: The Study Of Life

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If someone was to ask me what anthropology was, prior to this assignment, I would have probably taken an educated guess such as “the study of life”. In a sense that is correct but not entirely accurate. Anthropology is defined as, “The study of human kind in all times and places” (Haviland, Prins, McBride, & Walrath, 2017). After an extensive analyzation of my experiences, I concluded that I don’t practice anthropology in my life enough. In addition, I discovered that my life doesn’t have much diversity in it. With that said, I am moving forward with an open mind towards new cultures and am eager to learn more about the people that make up this planet. I was raised in a town with less than thirty thousand people. Most the population being…show more content…
I never questioned my parent’s ways of doing things. In addition, I trusted that my parents had the proper tools to provide for my family and I. Unknowingly, my parents were adhering to the culture we were a part of. It wasn’t until I ventured out into the world that I discovered that it’s ok to possess set beliefs and remain cohesive with other cultures. Acknowledging that there is a variety of cultures within our society is a step to being more inclusive. Becoming more educated will reduce my judgment on cultures that are different than my own. As well as have a positive outlook on diversity around me. It’s evident to me that no two people share the exact society as someone else. To me, societies are what makes the population diverse. With that, a society may change within a couple blocks. Being from a small town, I didn’t see an abundance of societies within my town. After moving to the Portland area, I have become accustomed to seeing a variety of societies, such as Chinatown in downtown Portland. With that said, there are many other societies surrounding Chinatown. Seeing the variety of societies allows me to appreciate other cultures as well as want to learn more about…show more content…
My world view is constantly changing. With that said, I believe that I haven’t experienced enough in life to have a concrete world view. On the other hand, expanding my world view will allow me to confidently understand the variance between cultures. In addition, I strive to obtain a better understanding of how other cultures continue to advance in a world that is constantly changing. By acknowledging differences among people and cultures; I aspire to become more patient, compassionate, and less

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