Life In Shel Silverstein's Life

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“Dad! Dad! Something’s wrong with Mom!” Shoshanna screamed like someone about to die in a horror movie. Shel came running as fast as a race car to see what was about to be the most depressing sight in his life. The first moment Shel Silverstein laid eyes on his wife, he knew they would spend eternity together. But now, Susan was dead because of a cerebral aneurysm. A cerebral aneurysm is a brain aneurysm, in which, a weakness in a blood vessel in the brain fills with blood. However, less than half of the time, a cerebral aneurysm is not fatal. But for Susan, it was. And for Shel, this is not the last time someone he loves will die because of one. Shoshanna collapsed to the ground as she was sobbing uncontrollably. Shel hugged his dead wife…show more content…
As time slowly regained its somewhat ordinary life for Shel and Shoshanna, another tragedy was about to emerge. About five years later, Shoshanna Jordan Silverstein, at the age of 11, died too from a cerebral aneurysm. Shel was just recognizing his typical life again, with his atypical family, but Shoshanna had now passed. Shel did not only cry, he howled and bawled until his eyes could not cry anymore. After all of Shel’s painful calamities, he believed he would never replevin again. This was one of Sheldon Alan Silverstein’s worst days. He could not process how dour his life was becoming. He felt as if some malignant creature was choosing him to deteriorate. Shel Silverstein wrote silly, happy poems, but after his wife and daughter’s passing, how could he ever depict jubilance…show more content…
Shel Silverstein’s entire life had ups and downs, like anyone else’s, but his in particular portrayed his true self-nature. His final poem book was written about 15 years after Shoshanna’s death. This book, titled, Falling Up, has eccentric characters, which shows how Shel, although with a deplorable past, can still find the “light in his attic” to continue what he loves. The book written for Monica, represents characters that resemble their love and goofiness together. Shel and Monica eventually got married and moved to a retirement home. Shel Silverstein’s entire life felt as if he was “falling up,” but even then, he had found the “light in his attic” through

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