Essay On Hate Speech

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To begin with, many college students need to understand that college is where you grow intellectually. Your ideas will be challenged. That’s the whole point. Safe spaces and shouting down speakers is a sign that you have not yet adjusted to the reality of life. It’s time to win the war of ideas with bigots and racists with the beauty of common sense. The peaceful exchange of ideas is our only alternative to violence. To emphasize, Hate speech should be legal. Who is to decide what is hate speech? Bad ideas should be critiqued and not silenced in an open society. The art that is risky and offensive to the thin skinned is my favorite kind. The freedom, to write whatever, whenever is one of the beauty’s of a civilized world. I believe…show more content…
Religious figures should be drawn and talked about as any historical figures, like Shakespeare. Those who cant’t handle satire or having their views challenged should not be at a college campus, or even in a free society. Notably, There are studies done on racial and gender differences that many will find offensive but will help with research and human flourishing. Criticizing cultural and religious ideas that our at odds with our values of women’s rights and freedom of expression is not racism or hate speech. We all have the right to be offended and protest in any non violent form. However you can’t tell someone not to offend you. “My sense of dress can offend you and you have the right to be offended by the way I dress, however you can’t tell me not to dress like that”. Silencing ideas will only push people more to the extreme right, as we have seen in this election. There is no doubt in my mind that bigots and uneducated people are all over the world. Bigotry and racism are a dying ideology that must be disarmed with an intellectual fair debate is that is colored with history, literature and statistics. The more prepared and articulate we are for the argument, the more the real bigots and racist will be
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