Argumentative Essay On Hate Crime

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In order to get a sample of hate crime victims, both physical and virtual, 20 Muslim men and women were selected to take part in individual interviews(Wan and Zempi:5). The researchers interviewed 9 males and 11 females with common characteristics that identified them as Muslim to the outside world, which were categorised as “the jilbab, hijab, niqab whilst male participants wore [identifying] Islamic clothing”(Wan and Zempi:6). In selecting participants who wear identifiable Muslim clothes, it provided some validity to the research because it is in part their clothes that make these participants a target of hate crime(Allen et al:2013). However, though it is less common, it is not just identifiable Muslims that are targeted, therefore perhaps it would have…show more content…
However, using a sample of 20 people may not be wide enough to elicit generalisable data to the wider occurrence of hate crime and it could be better to use a wider sample of people to see whether there are visual triggers, for example, that could incur hate crimes. Participants from a range of ethnicities were also used, including British converts, and by not limiting the research to typical ethnicities(Wan and Zempi:6), the researchers can gain more valid data to work with. As far as age is concerned, the participants were mainly between the ages of 20 and 30 with 4 aged between 40 and 50 and only one participant aged 50(Wan and Zempi:6). Having a variety of ages enables researchers to investigate if there is a correlation between types of hate crime and the age group. Furthermore, it enables researchers to see whether there is a pattern as to which age group receives more hate crime, or perhaps which group is more emotionally affected, providing perhaps a focus or hypothesis to their research which to conduct further

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