Socrates True Political Craft

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The True Political Craft Today, politicians give speeches in order to gain support and captivate their audience. However, Socrates says that is exactly what makes them frauds. Even though one may believe oratory to be the true political craft, according to Plato’s Gorgias, Socrates argues that oratory is a knack. Socrates’ true craft of politics is far different from what is normally practiced. He regards the true political craft, justice, as corresponding to medicine and healing of the soul. In this essay, I will explain how justice is used not only to improve oneself, but also how it is used for punishment. Throughout Gorgias, Socrates’ aim is to accurately define rhetoric while pointing out its many flaws. During the time of classical Athens, persuasion through oratory was necessary in order to achieve political gain. To Socrates, the practice of oratory is purely flattery and produces “a certain gratification and pleasure” (22). Therefore, in order to use oratory correctly, it must be guided by morality. According to Socrates, two crafts exist: the soul and body (24). While the care of the soul has one part, which is politics, Socrates believes the care of the body “has two parts: gymnastics and medicine” and “the part that corresponds to medicine is justice” (24-25). Gymnastics, medicine, legislation, and justice always…show more content…
He refers back to the medicine and baking metaphor when he says that he will “be judged the way a doctor would be judged by a jury of children if a pastry chef were to bring accusations against him” (106). Therefore, Socrates believes that if he were to be tried in court, he would likely receive the death penalty (106). However, Socrates is still convinced that as long as one protects “himself against having spoken or done anything unjust,” he will remain admired

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