Case Study: Aurecon: Private Engineering Management

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Company Name • Aurecon: is a private engineering consulting firm which has been involved in different projects in more than 80 countries across Africa, Asia Pacific and the Middle East with headquarters in Victoria, NSW and offices in other 23 countries. • Formed in 2009 when Africon, Connell Wagner and Ninham Shand merged. • Included in the prestigious list of TOP 150 Global Design Firm by ENR Magazine. What it does/ primary market • It is a worldwide company that provides a wide range of multidisciplinary professional technical services, with an enhanced expertise provided by their strategic alliances and merges, with a service delivery capability across various market areas. • They provide advisor, design, delivery and asset management…show more content…
*This is not an official information. What opportunity does this company offer to me as a potential employer • Aurecon is a company who covers the entire scope of engineering management and technical specialty services for both public and private sectors. • The long list of projects of Aurecon shows that they cover the most of engineering areas. They deliver their services globally and have projects in more than 80 countries, these mean that Aurecon is a multi-cultural company. • Their expertise in Bridges and civil structures, tunneling, roads, Power generation, Project Management and environmental management are the aspects that catch all my attention. Those are the specialties that I want to pursue as a professional, and Aurecon do them all. To improve, learn and develop as an engineer, working on these matters and in such a wide company is the main opportunity that I see in this

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