Essay On Grace Of God

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Grace of God is a special help to save us from any trouble of life. I experienced a remarkable grace of God many years ago in the Polytechnic. I had a terrible illness during my final examination. And I used all the drugs prescribed by the doctor, but none cured the illness. I was unhappy, because I might fail the exams and suffer an extra year in school. On the third day of the exam, I could not leave my room because I had no energy to lift myself. I did not have the imagination of going to the grave, but I saw death staring at me. I cried out to God with all my strength for His mercy and grace. And a wind of healing blew into my room, and I was healed miraculously through the power in the grace of God. This grace of God marked the turning…show more content…
I discovered that the hard-to-leave sins are worldly actions they love to do. Don’t give the excuse of lack of grace for your continuation in sinful practices. You might be sitting on a gun powder! Romans chapter 6 verses 14 and 15 say: “For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace. What then? Shall we sin because we are not under law but under grace? Certainly not!” The grace of God will save you from eternal condemnation if you surrender your life to Jesus. Grace of God is the favor you receive from God to find it possible to live a sinless life. Grace of God cannot control your choice of living, because God respects your power of choice in life. Please, I want you to run away from any teaching that abuses the grace of God. The grace of God in you does not give you the access to live a lawless and careless life. The Bible says we are no more under the law but grace. Yes! The Bible is referring to the customary and sacrificial laws of the Old Testament. The grace of God does not exempt you from obeying the instructions of Jesus in the New
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