Compare And Contrast Luther And John Calvin

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The Protestant Reformation was a major European movement that happened in the 16th century. The aim of the movement was to reform the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church. It brought great change in the religious system dealing with the Roman Catholic Church. Two of the great leaders who served as the main stepping-stone for the reformation were Martin Luther and John Calvin. Both men were against some of the practice that was going on in the Catholic Church. Although they agreed on the wrong doings in the Catholic Church, they had their own beliefs. Despite their common belief for reformation, when it comes to faith and salvation towards God they differs. Reforming the Catholic Church was urgent to these men because they knew what it will do for Christians. Which is gaining religious freedom for all. The term Protestant was used to describe all groups that were protesting against the Roman Catholic Church. That is how the reforming movement became known as the Protestant reformation. Instead of following the biblical scriptures, the Catholic Churches were doing their own things. Things or practices that goes against the Bible. This was the main reason for the Protestant reformation emergence. Using similar theologies German Monk Martin Luther and…show more content…
According to these men, reforming some of the rules and regulations of the Catholic Church was very necessary. They decided to side with what the Bible scripture tells them. Rather than going along with what the Catholic Church was teaching and practicing. It can be concluded that Luther and Calvin believed in the Biblical scriptures dearly. To them the only authority that the church should follow is everything straight from the Bible and nothing else. These two men were more concern about pleasing God rather than men or the church hierarchy. They emphasized that faith and salvation exist only in

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