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There are three main types of fuel that powers a combustion engine diesel, gas, and propane. The first engine that was made is the gas engine. There are four main processes that a gas engine has to go through in order to run properly. The first is intake, the piston is pulled down into the cylinder by the crankshaft. This is when a car is running the pistons are always moving up and down. The inlet valve opens which lets a mixture of air and fuel into the cylinder. The next process to make a gas combustion engine work is compression. Compression is when the piston moves back up to the top of the cylinder. While the piston is moving back to the top of the cylinder, the piston is compressing the gas-air mixture which is making it highly flammable. At the top of the pistons rotation the spark plugs fire igniting the air-gas mixture, this creates a mini explosion inside the cylinder which leads into the next process power. Power is after the mini explosion happens it pushes the piston back to the bottom of the cylinder. The pressure from the explosion leads us into the last process which is exhaust. Exhaust is when the outlet valve opens and releases the presser from they mini explosion and also…show more content…
Electric cars used electricity stored in a battery pack to turn the wheels propelling the vehicle.To charge the batteries the vehicle can be plugged into a wall socket or in the near future plugged into a charging station at most gas stations. A fully charged battery in an electric vehicle will give the driver between 70-100 miles on one charge. This being said the average american drives under 25 miles per day. The time it takes to charge an electric battery fully ranges from 5 to 12 hours. The reason most people are manufacturing electric cars is to be more environmentally friendly. The electric vehicle has no exhaust. Other vehicles said to use electricity include golf carts, some fork lifts and even

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