Eugene Lin Self Portrait 1940

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The series of potraiture works by Georgette Chen titled “Eugene Chen, 1940” and ”Self Portrait, 1946” are representatives of how artistic elements and the composition of the work used by an artist can establish an emotional connection with the audience. Through these elements, the personalities, character, status of the individual in these portraiture works can be felt strongly by the audience. In addition, as time passes, Georgette Chen’s shift in artistic expression and stylistic approaches can be felt in her rendering in these portraitures. Firstly, looking at the work “Eugene Chen,Self Portrait, 1940”, a man can be seen as the main subject of the painting and was depicted in an intimate manner, which can be felt from his relaxed sitting posture. He is sitted in a simple rattan chair, leaning himself to his left and at the same time, supporting himself with his left hand. The intimacy felt by the audience from his posture is mainly because this man painted is Georgette Chen’s husband, Eugene Chen whom Georgette was deeply attached to and shows deep respect for. In addition, the intimacy felt by the audience may be due to the artist’s choice of hamonious colors in this piece of work…show more content…
Despite this Eastern style, the western influences dominated the painting to a large extent. Heavy brush strokes and texture can be seen on this painting such as how the facial features and the folds in the clothes were handled and treated by Chen. The strong western influences in Chen’s work was said to be due to the exposure of Western Artist influence in her years of education in Paris and New York, one of them being Paul

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