Fast Food Essay: Why Food Industries Are To Blame

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Why Food Industries Are To Blame For many years, American obesity rates have constantly increased, and continue to increase today. Those who strive to eat healthier are often tempted to eat a burger or chicken nuggets, or sometimes simply cannot accomplish their goals because ofhow little time they have. Many people argue that they, themselves, cause obesity; however, obesity rates would not be so high ifwe did not have so many fast­food restaurants and advertisements. In order to prevent people from being overweight or obese, it is easy to say that all they have to do is avoid eating fast food, but it is not easy accomplishing it when there are restaurants at every corner and advertisements everywhere. On the freeway there are a handful offood advertisements…show more content…
Having all these restaurants and advertisements greatly contributes to obesity. They encourage people’s cravings and their cravings get the best ofthem. Advertisements are made for everyone, but most often they are aimed at children, who are the easiest target. Murray also explains how soda companies and fast­food outlets increasingly ink contacts with schools and gear advertising to kids (Murray). Knowing that kids are the most vulnerable, food industries take advantage ofit and schools serve Trancoso 2 unhealthy meals, which kids cannot do anything about. Kids always see food advertisements that catch their attention, mostly McDonald’s, and beg their parents to eat that and parents sometimes cannot help but buy whatever their child wants. In his article, “Fast Food Linked to Child Obesity,” Jaime Holguin states that billions ofdollars are spent each year on fast­food advertising directed at kids (Holguin). People see food advertisements everywhere everyday and most ofthe time they cannot help but eat it. With their good flavors, low prices, and quick servings, it is more convenient for them to stop at a fast­food restaurant. People do have

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