Essay On Early Decision Making

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Across the world, students are being prepared for their future in high school; however, by forcing the kids to make this decision about their future at such a young age, these students are unable to rethink their choices and career path. This negatively impacts the student’s entire life, as even if their passion lies in another vocation they will be unable to find work in this job segment. Furthermore, by making a decision of this magnitude so early, those who do not know what they wish to do with their life are punished, and may be forced to adhere to a profession that does not give them satisfaction in life. Students should not be forced to commit to a career at a young age, as it does not take into account changing passions, does not allow…show more content…
These advocates believe that by getting students to make an early career choice, they may be able to keep kids in school for longer, while maintaining their focus in life. Additionally, these advocates believe that early decisions help prepare students for college, with the added benefit of the choice to pursue a diploma or certificate of completion in these classes. Furthermore, advocates believe that focusing on a skill gives students a sense of purpose, which may cut high school dropout levels and raise the usefulness of high school graduates in the work force. However, these points are null when taking into account the effect that early decision making can have on the future of the kids, as their interests can change as they age leading to reconsideration of their career. Additionally, these points do not take into account what effect burnout would have on the students at a young age, causing lack of motivation in their field of work, and detrimental effects on their mental health. By forcing kids into these careers so early, changing interests and burnout earlier in their career would lead to problems in the workplace, and negatively impact the lives of everyone
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