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The acceptable limit for an acceptable research study is 0.9. Given that the p-value of the research is 0.79, it is proven that the hypothesis is indeed correct in proving that water that passes through soda machines do contain more bacteria in comparison to water that comes from a tap. In connection with these results, the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (PNSDW) limit for Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC) is <500. Both Frankie’s and Bon Chon had an HPC Count of 20. On the other hand, McDonald’s had a 1,700 HPC Count. The presence of HPC in drinking water does not impose health risks to humans, however, a high count of HPC indicates that bacterial growth is ideal in the water, thus a possible breeding ground for dangerous bacteria (e.g, E. Coli and Legionella). The service water from McDonald’s surpassed the PNSDW limit for HPC which could be due to the lack of proper maintenance of the treatment and distribution systems. On the contrary, Coliform is considered to be a broad class of bacteria found in our environment. Specifically, it is the feces of man and other warm-blooded animals. The presence of Coliform in drinking water signifies that it is contaminated and that it…show more content…
Although high HPC does not necessarily correlate to adverse effects in ingesting a specific drinking water, it is important to note that high HPC content such as McDonald’s may result to infections caused by opportunistic pathogens present in the heterotrophic population. On the other hand, the Multiple Tube Fermentation Technique shows that the 3 food establishments chosen are negative for Coliform bacteria which is a good indicator for drinking water. A positive result is more likely caused by pollution and may increase the risk of waterborne illnesses among

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