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"Dan, the tribe has spoken please pack up your play books, you've been voted off the island". Let me start by getting this out-of-the-way now, Dan Campbell's ticket out of Miami head coaching position has almost certainly been punched after the Dolphins suffered a 31-24 loss to the New York Giants Monday, which has now mathematically eliminated the dolphins from a chance at the last remaining wild-card spot in the AFC. Monday's Nights throwback to the past (which included a tribute to the Dolphins 50 best player) was a reminiscing, deplorable and uncomfortable reminder of just how mighty the Dolphins were throughout 70's and into the 90's, to the sad state of this team in the 2000’s. The once feared and ferocious Dolphins have aged into no more than a lifeless untalented porpoise.…show more content…
. This theory applies to the many problems the Dolphins made Monday, which include but are not limited to: The overuse of Jarvis Landry, the underuse of Lamar Miller, poor guard play, penalties, fumbles, dropped passes, overthrown passes (catch breath) missed tackles, clock management, Bad coverage, awful run stopping, overheated players, and diarrhea. Monday's playoff elimination marks the seventh season of both a missed playoff birth, and also a winning season over .500. In honor of Monday night and its television broadcasts. Miami Dolphins, we are sorry but you did not get a chair to turn. Stephen Ross, your application for Extreme Makeover has been reviewed and accepted. Your Miami Dolphins should get a complete facelift next season, and Sam Saboura will be contacting you

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