Bottle Nose Dolphin Research Paper

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Are bottle nose dolphins really as playful as they seem? How long can these dolphins be? Do bottle nose dolphins have predators? These questions are often wondered. The purpose of this paper is to answer all these questions. How playful are bottle nose dolphins, how long can they grow, and who their predators are will be revealed in the next few paragraphs. First, bottle nose dolphins have many spectacular features. A bottle nose dolphin can grow to be 12.8 feet long. A dolphin’s skin is soft and rubbery. Dolphins Have big strong teeth but do not use them to hurt humans. Dolphins are often mistaken for sharks because they both have the fin on their back. So, dolphins have many features that make them unique in their own little way.…show more content…
Most bottle nose dolphins live in saltwater, but they can also live in freshwater. The kind of food that is in that environment also affects where they live tremendously. Dolphins also tend to be more attached to more shallow areas. So, dolphins are very picky about where they live. Most bottle nose dolphins have a good temper. These amazing dolphins are known for their playful behavior. Can a little helpless dolphin kill a bloodthirsty shark? Yes, they do it by hitting the shark’s gills with their snout. Dolphins do not even make the slightest ripple while swimming. A bottle nose dolphin also has a very carefree behavior. The point is dolphins are playful but will protect themselves. Depending on the dolphin’s size their appetite may vary. Normal sized dolphins usually eat shrimp or small fish. Although some larger dolphins will eat seals! Some offshore dolphins even eat squids. Dolphins are very picky about what they eat. In conclusion a dolphin does not have an appetite like Jaws! Bottle nose dolphins have many predators but here are the top few. The dolphins main predator is humans! Yes, humans kill dolphins by getting them stuck in fishing nets. The dolphin’s next top predator is sharks. Sharks eat everything, sadly including dolphins. So it is important to have a moment of silence for

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