Antonio Gramsci's Theory Of The Subaltern

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SUBALTERN The subaltern is a technical term for certain kind of a dispossessed person. It is a person who fits within the model of the oppressor/ oppressed as they being so marginalized as to not even have the ‘voice’ of the oppressed. So, symbolically, we might say that the colonizer is self, colonized is the other, and all those who are invisible to both self and the other are the subaltern. In critical theory and post colonialism, the term subaltern designates the populations which are socially, politically and geographically outside the hegemonic power structure of the colony and the colonial homeland. In describing, “history told from below”, subaltern was coined by Antonio Gramsci, notably through his work on cultural hegemony, which…show more content…
Subaltern studies engulfed under its frame cultural politics discursively deconstructing cultural power and recuperating every day resistance, thus moving beyond modernity, positivism and enlightenment. The key dimension herein is, thus, the politics of language, media and representation. Subaltern studies is an original site for a new kind of history from below, a people’s history free of national constraints, a post-nationalist reimaging of Indian nation, on the other side, at the margins, outside…show more content…
Epistemologically, subaltern studies addressed the question of subaltern consciousness as a composite culture of resistance to and acceptance of domination and hierarchy explored through the ‘colonial subject’. Hence, it is similar to post-colonial cultural criticism and literary theory, deconstructing colonial constructions of power and encompassing the global con text in the transnational examination of colonialism. There is a certain re-writing of the nation outside the state-centered national dis course that replicates colonial power/knowledge in a world of

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