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Crisis and Trauma Counselling Throughout the 20th century, counsellors have viewed and worked on major sudden events which began the crisis services and the needed disaster plans to respond. Most people have evidence of traumatic events that took place during the World War I and World War II, through media coverage and personal experiences that need for crisis intervention services. During the Vietnam war, it is just normal for survivors to grieve, but a lot of organizations publicly seek the support for trauma symptoms. But, in the 21st century there has been a lot of areas of interest in private and in public life of an individual. Crisis and trauma counselling needs crisis intervention skills which is focused in minimizing the…show more content…
In the 9/11 case, it is important to understand the role of crisis and trauma in people’s lives and to be able to work effectively with clients who have experienced traumatic events. Crisis and trauma counselling are essential areas of knowledge and skill for counsellors in the 21st century. Crisis and trauma counselling emphasize on the emotional, cognitive, and behavioural consequences within a particular crisis. This paper will demonstrate how crisis and trauma counselling direct the patient’s behaviour and reactions towards an improved coping strategies. A crisis is derived from the Greek word “krisis” which means critical, in any situation that happens to an individual which makes a person emotionally unstable that might lead or might not lead to a dangerous situation (Bonnani, 2008). The unexpected disappointment is usually intense, that just happened very recently. A crisis is a fact or condition connected with to a relevant action which cannot be given a solution through traditional common problem solving methods. Crisis is an event can wait 24 to 72 hours for attention without exposing the individual to danger Bonnano,

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