Essay On Consequences Of Climate Change

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For the final topic we are going to discuss, we are going to focus on the question, “ what are the consequences of climate change (global warming) on weather elements or patterns? “. First of all, there are many consequences of climate change (global warming) on weather pattern or elements such as evaporation or water vapour contain in the atmosphere. Evaporation is an important process in the global water cycle. Solar radiation hits the surface of water or land and causes water to change state from a liquid to a gas. Evaporation acts like an air conditioner for the surface because heat is used when water enters the atmosphere as moisture. Higher temperature mean there is more evaporation from land and sea into the atmosphere. As the air gets…show more content…
Climate is the average atmospheric conditions over a period of several decades. Temperature, rainfall, or it can be indicated as carbon dioxide concentration, which contributes to temperature changes because it acts as a greenhouse gas that warms up the air within the atmosphere are usually measured by it. Besides, climate change is a crucial global issues and it is inevitable and unstoppable in its nature. There are many impact of the climate change on monsoon seasons. First, the climate change will influence the water resources. It can decrease the supply and quality of fresh water. For heavy seasonal monsoon rainfall, it provides abundant fresh water, but increase in agricultural use, inadequate planning and misuse, and deforestation have led to water shortages in recent years, particularly in dry seasons. In Southeast Asia, water supply and water quality are sensitive to small changes in the frequency and distribution of precipitation. In precipitation patterns, it will induced the variation in climate change such as delays in the onset of the monsoon or a shift toward heavier, less frequent precipitation events, are therefore expected to have significant impacts on water resources. The decrease water availability and decreased hydroelectric power production are led by falling water levels in many constructed reservoirs, associated with changes in precipitation patterns and droughts in ENSO

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