Film Analysis: The Breadwinner

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The Breadwinner is a compelling and interesting movie about a young Afghan girl. The movie plays on the heart stings of it’s audience both through its amazing story telling and its visual effects. It was released in 2017 and is about Parvana, a girl trying to live in Afghanistan after her father has been taken to prison. In her world women are prosecuted severely; they are not allowed to leave their homes without being accompanied by a man. They are beaten if they are see, speaking up, learning, or drawing attention to themselves in any many-shape or form. When her father is taken there is no one to escort the women around safely and they risk being killed just for fetching water. Parvana works to find a way to feed and protect her family along…show more content…
Throughout the entire movie Parvana is telling a story about a boy whose villages seeds were stolen by an angry elephant and how he must retrieve them. The animation for her story is vastly different than the animation used throughout the rest of the film. In her world the characters move with fluid, dancing movements. Moving calmly and delicately as if it were water running down a window or a petal floating through the air. Every movement made is a movement with purpose. The opposite is true for the animation used for her story. The characters in her story look as if they are paper-puppets. Their movements are stiff and bouncy. This is a symbol of the entertainment used in this region outside this movie. Paper-puppets were often used along with storytelling in this area. The animation style is also a symbol of the differences between Parvana’s world and her story. Her story is merely a story and the style of the animation helps separate the two. Parvana’s story The Breadwinner is a compelling one. It uses its animation style to play farther on her story extending it past the real world while also making it solid and physical. This is a story meant to make its audience think and it does that through its interesting depth, lighting, animation style and motifs. The story these visual aspects tell flows along the upper story of a girl doing what she needs to protect her family. They make that story more than just a story, they make the film

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