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Currently in society, people rely heavily on social media consumption and it is often used, by young and old people, throughout the entire day. Most people bring their phones out with them everywhere, just so they can stay updated on social media accounts. In 2013, social media accounts were used by 73% of Americans, and since then this number has increased (Molinari). Compulsive use of social media has and will continue to become a more prevalent issue. Often, people do not think before they post, which could end up costing someone their college education or a job. Because of people’s compulsions of sharing everything on social media, social media posts should be shared with caution in order to prevent unfavorable consequences. Social media…show more content…
Many adults probably do not think social media consequences can apply to them as well, but there is, “little protection for employees’ social-media accounts” (Silverman 134). With adults, alcohol and drugs is not as much of a problem on social media as things such as saying inappropriate things about customers, co workers, patients, students, and many more. There was one instance when a man lost everything, not only his job but his life, because he made fake twitter account (Ronson 11). Additionally, an Applebees employee got fired for posting a picture of one of the customer’s receipt (Molinari). Obviously, a job at Applebee's is not as serious as some jobs that require extensive education, so it goes to show how a social media post can affect every job. When a person working for a company decides to post inappropriately, not only does it get the person in trouble, but it also leads to a bad reputation of the company, which explains why working adults receive consequences for social media posts as well. When a person gets fired, this person could lose all sources of income and may struggle to find another job, all because of one wrong touch of a

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