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Chinese immigrants in Canada (1885-1925) Chinese immigration was widely spread across Canada. Nowadays in Canada, Chinese Canadians are considered to be one of the largest ethnic groups. There were tough times the Chinese faced as immigrants. With different acts and documents passed by the government, these people confronted the situations and induced their style of living making Canada a more improved country, which would accept all ethnic groups resulting in a better future. The year 1788 was the time period when the first Chinese immigrants landed on the Canadian ground. While travelling to Nootka Sound, John Meares took 60 Chinese immigrants with him, now, the first Chinese have set foot in Canada. About 70 years later the first…show more content…
In the Year of 1920, during WWI, a dozen Chinese veterans got the right to vote due to their service in the Canadian Army. “Unable to curtail immigration from China, the federal government enacted the Chinese Immigration Act (also known as the Chinese Exclusion Act) in 1923, prohibiting almost all immigration to Canada” (A History of Exclusion, para. 6). For Canada this day, the first of July is to this day Canada Day, but for the Chinese, it was known as humiliation day during which they would boycott each year. Soon, by June 30, 1924, all Chinese had to become legal citizens in order to live in Canada. Anyone who lived or was just suspected of living in the country illegally faced fines of five hundred dollars and could even be imprisoned for a year. The following years arguments broke out due to the Chinese Exclusion Act and the government began to overlook the problem, which resulted in Chinese getting employed again and finally renewing their lives. Living in this time period made laborers struggle. Men had to leave their families and in addition have a hard time dealing with the situations and problems government and other immigrants were causing

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