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Can you imagine how was the traveling before inventing the aircrafts ? There is no doubt that the traveling was very difficult before inventing the aircrafts, people were traveling on foot and I think that you can imagine how would you feel if you were traveling from one city to another city on your foot and this is according to (LELANDWES). The invention of the aircraft has changed our life and made it so easy and everyone can realize that going to another country or transfer any cargos has become easier, more quickly and also safer than in the past. The invention of aircraft is one invention from 10 greatest inventions in our time according to (SCIENTIFICAMERICAN) and that is because what the aircrafts have made or added to our life. Also the connection between people and each other and between their cultures has become easier than in the past. In my opinion, I think the invention of the aircrafts were the best invention…show more content…
In the earlier times people were going from one city to another city on foot and it was taking long time and sometimes it was impossible if the distance is too far. For example, imagine that you are going from Istanbul to Ankara on your foot and think about how many hours you will take to reach to Ankara and also think about the hardness of your travel. After this time human started to use animals for traveling like horses, camels and donkeys from 4000 BC to 3000 BC. (LELANDWES). And fortunately, after the invention of aircrafts the traveling has changed and became easier and faster than in the time of using animals for traveling. The history also has a lot of examples which can tell us that traveling in the past was not easy and it was a very big deal to do it and to be affordable to do it and that is because the cost of traveling was expensive and not everyone was able to do it. Therefore, the aircrafts changed the traveling from being difficult to be

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