Essay On Black Crime

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Something about hearing the term Black on black crime makes me feel uneasy and disgusted. It signals out Black people in a negative way, as if Black people are the only group of people in America to commit crimes and that “thugs”, the new word for Black or N*gger, who commit such crimes, make the nation look bad. Thus Black on Black crime is the most horrific thing that happens in America. This is false, and holding such a view point does much damage. Today in any area, the ethnic background that stands as the majority, especially in low income communities, will be responsible for most crimes that occur within that area. America is still segregated in that sense. Crime committed in a majority White neighborhood, will most likely be done by a member of that community. The same goes for a majority Chinese or Latino community. Since America’s beginnings, racism has always been around and even when whites make up the majority in America, the term white on white crime is never applied in the media. Even according to FBI statistics, Whites lead in many areas in crime such as malpractice suits, insurance fraud, hate crimes, mass murders, child pornography…the list goes on. Therefore Black on Black crime is different by measure of media coverage/the way it is paraded…show more content…
As soldiers come back home out of the hectic environment they were in, people living in poverty don't get many chances to leave. Living in a chaotic hostile atmosphere is home for many Blacks. This is called COMPLEX PTSD (they're not able to escape). Maslow Hierarchy of Needs supports this viewpoint (, therefore using the phrase Black on Black can represent Blacks being genetically wired to do bad or inferior things, when in reality real factors work against black progress in every
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