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Jeffery Patrick Kinney is a game designer, cartoonist, actor, producer, and an author of many children’s book. He was born on February 19, 1971 in Fort Washington, Maryland. Jeff is married to Julie Kinney and has two sons named Will Kinney and Grant Kinney. Kinney has two brothers and a sister. Jeff once stated that he was the odd man from his siblings. Kinney grew up reading some famous authors growing up, such as Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary, Piers Anthony, and J.R.R. Tolkien. He studied at the University of Maryland at College Park during the early 90s. While studying at the University, Kinney came up with the idea of creating the comic strip Igdoof. It was such a success, which encouraged Kinney to become a cartoonist in 1995. He went on to pursue his dream, and moved to New England. Jeff married his wife in 1998. They have 17 years together as of today. He stays with his wife and two children in Plainville, Massachusetts. The same…show more content…
Rowley constantly humiliates them both and it makes Greg become less popular. Rowley and Greg were informed about the cheese touch from a classmate named Chirag. The cheese touch is a rotten cheese that lies on the basketball court that no one wants to encounter because everyone will avoid you. Throughout the school year, Greg attempts to be placed on the school yearbook so his popularity can become higher. The second film, Rodrick Rules, was released a year later from when the first one was published. Greg is about to become a seventh grader in middle school and his family attends a school event at the roller rink before the school year begins. Greg meets a new girl from school that he instantly becomes attracted to. He ends up skating with her, but he was embarrassed by his mother because she announced his name in the microphone. His father enters the scene and carries Greg out of the roller rink and makes it even

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