Prejudice Depicted In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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The number of times a person gets prejudiced has a great effect on their alienation. A person’s feeling of despair and loneliness comes from prejudice. When the feeling becomes overwhelming, an individual loses his/her place in life. Thoughts of not being loved or wanted consume their thoughts and they fall into depression. Having no purpose in life, the individual welcomes death. In the novel, Frankenstein, by Author Mary Shelley, an ambitious scientist’s desire for immortality backfires.Victor Frankenstein, the ambitious scientist, creates a living creature from different body parts; defying immortality. After his creation, Victor gets terrified by the creature he made and runs off, leaving the creature to fend for itself. The creature is then prejudiced by the villagers hence the reason as to why he is isolated. Looking for survival in the village, the creature gets more than what he bargained for. The villagers prejudice against the creature and degrade him. As soon as the creature goes to the village, villagers scream and run away in fear. Victor Frankenstein prejudiced against the monster from the moment he…show more content…
As soon as he sets foot in the town, he was discriminated against. Upon seeing the creature's appearance, the villagers go wild with fear and horror. “....some fled, some attacked me, until, grievously bruised by stones...” ( Shelley 43). Tired and without destination the creature comes across a Turk. This is the creature's last chance at being accepted by society; which fails him ---miserably. The Turk was a kind blind man that listened to the creature's story. Since the Turk was blind, the creature experienced what empathy felt like for the first time from the Turk. The creature finally came across a person that didn’t judge him. Everything was going fine and the creature had a connection with the Turk. As it’s known, nothing lasts

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