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Putting aside the fact that I am only sixteen, I can confidently say that the amount of responsibilities that I have been faced with have been endless. Not many people of my age tend to worry about life, what it was, what it is, and what it could be. I for one worry about it a rather unnecessary amount. This I blame completely on my mother. This realisation all started when my sister had a second child, Oliver. I had a slight hunch that I might be getting a call, asking a very important question, “Will you be the God Mother?” Ever since he was born it had been on everyone’s mind, as to this traditional family these things are a very big deal. As devoted Catholics we believe that the job of a God Mother entails a lot more than just delightful…show more content…
It was around one-ish on a summer’s day, and we had both woken up to the beating hot sun shining in through the blinds. In a synchronising act we both headed straight for the kitchen. Being as close as we were Christie ordered me directly to the cupboard under the stove, to get the pans out and to start cooking. As I was still half asleep and not willingly to do any of the above, I ordered her little brother to ‘man the floor.’ As I walked over to the bar stool overlooking the rest of the kitchen, making sure somewhere in my vision was a little boy watching promptly as the butter melted into the pan. My phone was bussing off of the bar, as my family group chat was in a rage, as my mother could not get over how adorable her two grandsons were looking today, and had to express the joys daily. Unexpectedly my phone began to sing a different hymn, it was my eldest sister Sarah calling. I was not prepared for what was to come. The conversation began as usual, nothing out of the ordinary. I had a faint idea that this was going to be the phone call that I had been awaiting. I remained tranquil. After a small chuckle in the background, she says, “Well, will you do the honour of taking up the responsibility of being Ollie's God

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