Playing Basketball Persuasive Essay

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Basketball is a team sport that requires communication and playmaking. In order to be a bad ball player, you have to follow certain procedures. Just follow these steps and you will surely suck! First of all, you cannot really play in just any clothes .If you really want to suck at playing basketball, wearing improper clothing is the way to go! You can wear pants and some shoes that would be uncomfortable to play in, such as boots or sandals. So wearing the improper clothing to play basketball in is a great idea! You may hurt yourself, but who cares? At least you sucked! The next thing that you can do to look like an expert at sucking is to air-ball. If you want to ensure that nobody else will ever want you on their team again, you can simply just “air-ball” every shot, or shoot in a way that the ball misses everything everytime. That is one of the most disappointing things that you can do for your team. They will probably say something along the lines of “You’re sorry bro!” Success, now your teammates think you are horrible! Acquiring many fouls and violations will make you even more “suckier”. You can travel, carry, and double-dribble and it will look like you know nothing about what you are doing in the game. Sooner or later, your team will not want to pass the ball off to you, of course, because you are atrocious at the sport.…show more content…
You will be making it so much easier for the opposite team to score, and people on your team will not want to pick you up again in another game due to the numerous amount of turnovers that you committed and just given away to the rival team. Also, you could just simply throw the ball out-of-bounds. And if your team does decide to make the mistake of passing you the ball, well, you can just act fast and catch it with your face! They will probably laugh at you, but do not be fooled, they will be mad and still be convinced that you

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