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Assistance Dogs – Your Important Questions Answered Assistance dogs go beyond being pets. They change lives, provide greater independence, enhance quality of life, calm fears, give physical support and provide peace of mind. There are many questions surrounding them however. This guide aims to answer all the important queries you may have and help you find the right canine partner. What exactly are assistance canines? The basic definition is that they are dogs trained to accomplish certain tasks to assist a person with disability, which may be physical or psychological in nature. The work done by these canines should be directly relevant to the disability of their handlers. In the US, the terms ‘assistance dog’ and ‘service dog’ are used…show more content…
No they are not. • Emotional support and therapy dogs are covered under the ADA. Unfortunately they are not. Whereas an assistance dog can accompany his human inside the aircraft cabin, for example, therapy dogs can only do so once their owners procure a signed note from a licensed and reliable doctor. • Assistance dogs cannot play and socialize with other dogs. Yes they can, provided that they are not currently at work. • There’s no problem waving and whistling at service dogs. For some part that is true because properly trained dogs will not respond. However, the canines might get distracted from persistent whistling and waving and this might interfere with his functions. A distracted guide dog, for example, might cause his human with impaired seeing to stumble. • Assistance dogs are expensive. There are actually non-profit organizations and training facilities that make acquiring service dogs very cost-effective. Conclusion Assistance dogs are a big help to anyone with a disability and wants to live a more normal life. With proper training and care, they will prove to be invaluable partners. Hopefully this guide has made you understand better what assistance dogs can do for you or someone in your family who needs one. With fuller understanding and by clarifying misconceptions, you are one step closer towards a better quality of

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