Cause And Effects Of The American Revolution Research Paper

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Causes & Effects of the American Revolution There were many causes of the American Revolution it began in 1775 between the colonies and Great Britain. The war was a result of the way Great Britain treated the colonies. There were many things Great Britain did that outraged the colonist like the Quartering Act, the Stamp Act, and the Townshend Acts. There were also many effects to the war like making America it’s own country. The Quartering Act was one of many Acts that made the colonist angry, if the need to soldiers could come into the home of colonist, and they would have to home them. This was put in effect after the French and Indian War when the colonist did not want to for the quartering of the soldiers. The colonist wanted to know why they were still there after they had won the war. In 1766, 1500 british troops came to New York city.…show more content…
In March of 1770 the tension broke out into bloodshed, when the colonist rang fire bells more soldiers came they began to hit soldiers with rocks. One of the men was scratched in the face by a rock and shot a musket into the crowd followed by many more shots. This left several people wounded and 5 dead, including a African American man named Crispus Atticus he was a young sailor. There were also many effects to the American Revolution, Great Britain had spent so much on the war that now they were in a lot of debt. So as a result in Great Britain taxes had to be raised, the trade that Britain survived on was severely hurt. Also trade was affected by many of their enemies, and thousands of merchant ships were captured. There were also many political effects when a country loses a war there is pressure on the government, the people demanded for constitutional reform. They thought the Parliament didn’t want to represent the views of other

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