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Life in a Communistic vs. an Individualistic Society Many people have many different opinions on whether a Communistic society or an Individualistic (Capitalistic) is superior. Each of these systems have had many advantages and disadvantages, mostly depending on opinion, which makes it hard to determine which is better than the other. In this essay I will try to evaluate these equitably, but I come from a capitalist background, which may affect my opinion. I will first explain what each of these systems entail, then I will review some key differences between the two, and finally I will give an opinion on which is more pleasant to live in. In a Communistic regime there is one ruler that has absolute power over everything, all property is owned by this dictator, everybody is considered to be equal, and so everybody must work equally and earn equal amounts. Free…show more content…
This is great because it is yet another stimulant for the people to work harder. If the government did not interfere at all though, the producers would be free to do things harmful, and the producers alone would set the market prices, which is essentially more of a communistic trait. One of the last benefits of an Individualistic society is that there is a willingness to change. This willingness to change has been very beneficial in a time of new technology, because it allows societies to adapt and develop, so that they can improve inefficiencies. The bottom line of this is that in its purest form, it is a society in which the market sets prices for the sole purpose of profits. anything that does not do this can be eliminated by the market, and this is key for success. This image, although it isn't actual propaganda, I think could very well be propaganda, because it makes people associate a good thing which is patriotism, With something that they want to be seen as a good thing

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