Anne Bradstreet Letter To Her Husband

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In this week’s final reflection essay I will be discussing two different stories. Anne Bradstreet’s poem “A letter to Her Husband” and Fanny Fern’s “Hungry Husbands” These two female writers have different views of husbands. Dichotomy at its finest. I would call the views on husbands through Anne Bradstreet the husbands of yesterday. The different views that Fanny Fern demonstrates I would call it the husbands of today. While I was reading Anne Bradstreet I couldn’t help but think of my grandmother and the love she has for my grandfather. There is no question about the love they have for each other. The reason I chose my grandparents instead of my parents was I feel like older love has more substance to it. When I read Fanny Fern's story I could help but laugh and find some type of familiar connection on how she feels about her husband. The connection was not personal but…show more content…
The way Anne Bradstreet values her husband is so uncommon these days. The opening lines of her poem states “My head, my heart, mine Eyes, my life, nay more, My joy, my Magazine of earthly store” To me these few words make such a bold statement. Her husband is her whole world. She refers to her husband in many different metaphors, but the one that stood out to me was she referring him to the Sun. While her husband is away from her, she feels cold and like she is in confinement. For some reason I feel like she does not mind that. I mean she absolutely hates the facts that’s he is away but she finds some contentment in waiting on his returning. Her kids make it a little easier because when she looks at them, she sees him, but, then again that makes her miss him even more. I think it is her way of coping with his absence. I love how Bradstreet puts her sensuality on display in this poem, which was abnormal for the Puritan women. All in all there is no question on how she feels about her

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