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Working in the city is one of the most common ways to make money in Brazil. There are so many jobs to apply for in the city but most citizens are not qualified for the position. Working in mining is a way for some less educated citizens to earn money. Another way to make money in Brazil is through agriculture. There are many jobs in this field and less educated people are able to work in it. Another is construction. There is always going to be growth in Brazil, this is why working in construction could be a good way to make money. In the end some jobs are easier than others and require different skills. Brazil has many different ways for its citizens to make money. Some would define culture as the way people live or in other words the beliefs,…show more content…
There are over 274 different indigenous languages spoken by individuals, who belong to over 305 different ethnicities. Diversity is a huge part of culture because it shows that there are many different ways people live.In addition, sports are extremely different and unique in an Americans point of view. What Americans call soccer, Brazilians call football. There are many different sports and games played in Brazil, some being, volleyball, futsal, beach soccer, Capoeira, judo, surfing, sessions, table tennis, and basketball. Futsal and beach soccer is a variation of soccer that was created in Brazil. Futsal refers to indoor football, where each team has only five players. In this sport, the court is smaller a standard size one. This sport is played by the majority of young students, one reason being the availability of a playing space. Beach soccer is played in the sand, which is very beneficial because beaches provide an abundant amount of space, which also resorts to more players. That is why this sport is very popular. Another sport played is Capoeira and judo. Capoeira is recognized as a sport but some would consider it as a dance or merely a cultural expression, or

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