Andy Warhol Influences

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When talking about American artists it’s hard to find someone more unique, more controversial, or someone who had more impact on popular culture than Andy Warhol. This creator, although being of Slovakian descent has irretrievably changed American culture, as well as world art, and the way people perceive art and artists. He is the archetype for a little crazy, eccentric painter, and his white wig and designer glasses will be always associated with creativity, bizarreness, and most importantly with art. But is it only his weirdness that made him a cultural icon? Andy Warhol (birth name Andrew Warhola) was born probably between 1928 and 1931 (the exact date is unknown) in Pennsylvania as a son of Slovakian immigrants. At the age six he was confined…show more content…
Through the ages, a work of painter was unique, special and one of its kind, inimitable. In college, or in work he painted using traditional methods, creating unique works and advertisements. In the time of his great popularity he started to make his paintings in series, using the method of screen painting. Even his workshop, under the name of “The Factory” was a great example how Warhol had changed the meaning of art and artistic creation. Making an original, a template of a painting, that could be easily replicated and manipulated he opposed to all that art was, making a new definition, leaving a mark in American culture, but also in the history of art itself. He created a plenty of special series of paintings in his works, focused on specific topic (Like his Death and Disaster series) or person (Copy's of Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley portraits) which showed that art can be repetitive, and its nothing wrong about it. This drawings especially changed the American pop culture, because Warhol was one of the first artists to shape the meaning of pop-art, however the name itself is not his creation as its was rumoured. In his works, he paid tribute to many famous people, but his painting of Marilyn Monroe was one of the widely known by the audience. A series of works, portraying face of Marilyn, in bright, vivid colours and different variations of palette, brightness and contrast changed her portrait from the actress, a person just to a piece of canvas, a poster, a fragment of what is popular, American, known, common. All his works so simple, but unforgettable, were absorbed by society so quickly, and deeply, that they are still recognized easily among other American artists. Even for people, who are not familiar with his work there is a picture of weird, grey haired guy in Ray-Bans when they see another poster or t-shirt inspired by his art, or in the CD store, with the album of Velvet
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