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My journey with being a teen parent begins. I’ll start from the beginning of it all, discovering the life changing news, details about my pregnancy, experience with labor and delivery, the life of caring for an infant—to now raising a small child of my own. The events that have taken place in my life are not your average teenage girl’s lifestyle but despite the good and bad memories, I wouldn’t trade being a teen mother to my little girl for any price in the world. It’s the summer of 2014, I’m fifteen years old and all I’ve got on my mind is beach hair and sandy toes. The love of my life Jaicub is all I care about, I haven’t left his side in six months. One day I realize my period is days late. Being fifteen I don’t think much of it. But now I’m beginning to feel different, my stomach is bloated, I’m nauseous all the time, and my whole body just aches. I take a test in the Wal-Mart bathrooms so that my parents don’t wonder why there’s a pregnancy test in the garbage at home. Sure enough after about 3 minutes, two pink lines appear. I’m pregnant. First I tell…show more content…
She’s at the age now where she needs to have some boundaries and punishments for her actions. It’s not okay to hit, you have to share, and you can’t throw tantrums in the middle of the grocery store and so on. I read all the books, I take a parenting class, learn about discipline. Here’s the hard part of parenting. Terrible Two’s is most definitely a real thing. Addison attends daycare and she is one of the most well behaved kids in the classroom, so her teacher says. I must be doing something right. I’ve broke down crying after a shopping trip because my kid just didn’t know how to act, didn’t understand she couldn’t have every toy on the isle, So to know that she at least behaves well when I’m not in the room is good enough to not feel like a complete failure. Now were going on three years old next month and being her mom is my only goal in

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