What Happens To Creativity As We Age Summary

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Two Questions by Lynda Barry is a comic strip about how she ends up losing her passion for drawing and writing. As a kid she never cared about how her drawings looked because she drew for fun. Then one day all of that changed when people started to give their opinions about what she drew. She enjoyed drawing so much until two questions got stuck in her mind; does this suck or is this good? This resulted in a drastic effect; a drawing that she thought was good was actually bad. Barry was more concerned about what others felt about her drawing but never bothered to think about why she should care about what others have to say. Thus, she spent most of her life trying to just draw “good” drawings, which led to her downfall of not enjoying drawing or writing as much. Fast forward a couple years, Barry stopped worrying about if her drawings were good or not and managed to loosen up and get the “certain floating feeling” (Barry 58) she's had when she was young. According to…show more content…
Which could be why older people tend to lack creativity because it’s something we leave behind. In the article “What Happens to Creativity as We Age” by Alison Gopnik, a study was conducted between 6 year olds, teenagers and adults. They were given a situation about a girl who approached a skateboard and a boy who avoided the scooter. “Once again the preschoolers were more likely to give the creative explanation than were the 6-year-olds or adults. Now, however, the teenagers were the most creative group of all” (Gopnik & Griffiths). This shows how there is a general incline of creativity between the younger unlike the adults. But “One reason may be that as we grow older, we know more. That’s mostly an advantage, of course. But it also may lead us to ignore evidence that contradicts what we already think” (Gopnik & Griffiths). In the end, the split between childhood and adulthood is the reason why our creativity goes

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