Essay About Adulthood

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As Alex Shakar once said, “Childhood and adulthood were not factors of age but states of mind.” As teenagers our one want is to grow up, but how many of us really knew what that entailed? When we are young we believe adulthood to be freedom, from our parents, from school, from all the things we hated when younger. What did you think adulthood would be? Did you expect it to be freedom? Finding yourself? Eating pie for breakfast? In reality, we only saw the “fun,” in adulthood, we never stopped to think about the responsibilities, the life lessons we would have to learn, or what it really takes to be an adult. At the age of sixteen we start experiencing our first grown up experiences. I was anticipating getting my permit, as most teenagers do. I had worked all summer to save for a car, it wasn’t extravagant, but my 2000 Ford Taurus was the absolute best car in the world in my young eyes. Most teenagers have a pretty normal life, wake up, go…show more content…
I was so excited to be an adult finally. I met a guy, swore I was in love, of course, but he gave me the one thing I wanted, freedom. I was excited to move in with him, get out of my parent’s house for the first time, and finally make it on my own. Boy was that a heartbreaking realization to realize that it was hard to make a living, even working two part-time jobs myself. I ended up living on my own after my boyfriend at the time and myself had broken up. I had transitioned from those two previous part-time jobs to two new part-time jobs. All I did was work to pay bills, and I felt like I was drowning. In December my water pump to my house had frozen, my license was being suspended for a month due to speeding(oops), and my now one part-time job was cutting my hours. The one thing I never expected to have to do was move back in with my parents, but there I found myself at rock bottom on my parent’s couch. My future was not a thought because I had no idea how to even reach that goal at this
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