Civil War Pros And Cons

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During the years of 1865-1896 the Union was faced with some tuff decision due to the fall or Abraham Lincoln 6 days after the civil war. The southern states of America had left the union in an attempt of branching out which was and act or treason. But during this time the union was disagreeing with the ways in which they should allow the south to come back into the union, before Lincolns death he had laid out a plan that he thought would give the south some fro or leniency but too much anticipation and logic the union and the radical republicans totally disagreed with that plan and had a plan of their own. But the bigger issue was the problem going on in the south and the fact that the south needed to be rebuilt and re established. When as a reader you take into consideration the pros and cons of both plans you will see that…show more content…
During the 1850s, the mine struggle that the U.S faced was the slavery and the rights that states got which further pushed division of the North and South, Johnson continued to believe in the right to slave ownership. President Johnson granted amnesty to most former Confederates and allowed the rebel states to elect new governments although the south was still not a part of the union In 1866, Johnson vetoed the Freedmen’s Bureau bill and the Civil Rights bill, legislation intended at defending blacks in which was problem for the north because they believed he was letting the south off to easy and in a way segregation the blacks. When Congress passed the 14th Amendment yielding nationality to blacks, President Johnson urged Southern states not to sanction the amendment. There reasoning would be incorrect due to the fact that although the south was still undergoing reconstruction Johnson gave them more power and opportunities than they were suppose to
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