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Antecedents of Coaches' Interpersonal Behaviours: Perfectionism and Anger in Coaches Sport coaches perform an important role in their sports and have the ability to affect the quality of sporting experience through their interpersonal behaviours towards athletes. Sport coaches, like teachers and parents, are in a position of authority, and part of their role involve motivating athletes to perform during training and competition. To understand motivation, one would turn to the Self-Determination Theory (SDT; Deci & Ryan, 1985). The SDT framework describes how these interpersonal behaviours, specifically autonomy supportive and controlling behaviours, satisfy or thwart the receiver's (of the behaviour) sense of volition and their need for…show more content…
These dispositional factors are appreciated as relatively stable traits which distinguishes a person and influences their behaviours, thoughts and emotions over time. In the realm of sport, one such dispositional factor that have been often examined is perfectionism. Perfectionism is a personality trait defined by an achievement oriented strive for flawlessness and excellence, where the person exhibiting this trait commits themselves to exceedingly high standards, along with a predisposition to critical evaluations (Frost, Marten, Lahart, & Rosenblate, 1990; Hewitt & Flett, 1991). As such, perfectionism is a common trait found in competitive athletes given the achievement striving environment of competitive sport (Dunn, Gotwals, & Causgrove Dunn, 2005; Gould, Dieffenbach, & Moffett, 2002). With many sport coaches transiting from competitive sport to coaching through natural progression and affiliation with their sport (English Sport Council, 1997), it can thus be assumed that perfectionism is equally likely to be upheld in sport coaches. Furthermore, in the domain of competitive sport coaching, where there are pressures to have more victories than setbacks else the potential loss of one's job, the presence of perfectionism amongst sport coaches may have consequential effect on their coaching…show more content…
The Sport Climate Questionnaire (SCQ; PAS - Sport Climate, n.d.) will be used to measure athletes' perceptions of their coach's autonomy-supportive behaviours. The 15 item SCQ was designed to be used by athletes to report their perceptions of their coaches, trainers, or sport instructors. Using the SCQ, Kerr-Cumbo (2011) reported internal consistency reliability with Cronbach's alpha of 0.83. Participants will provide response to the questions in the SCQ using a seven-point Likert scale, ranging from 1 - Strongly Disagree to 7 - Strongly Agree (see appendix C for the SCQ and CCBS

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