How Does French Society Change In A Tale Of Two Cities

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French society changes as the people's assumptions and moral values change. In A Tale of Two Cities, a character’s alienation reveals French society's assumptions and moral values. Gender, race, class, or creed may reveal these speculations or standards . The diversity of these attitudes impacts the way characters are viewed. Also these values determine the reputation of the character. Charles Darnay is a French aristocrat who choose to live in England due to the injustice French social system and is an example of alienation in this novel. French societies assumptions and moral values shape Charles Darnay’s alienation. Aristocrats were wealthy men in the upper class. The common French person tended to dislike them due to their arrogant personalities and mistreatment of citizens. Charles Darnay however was an exception to this stereotype. Although he had mass amounts of money and possessions, he had a humble attitude. In fact, he left the aristocracy in order to escape the unjust reputation. Throughout A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens uses many scenarios to show how class impacts the way people are viewed. In the novel, Charles Darnay experiences two views of two different classes in french…show more content…
She despises the aristocrats and hopes for a revolution. When she hears that Charles Darnay’s is related to Marquis St. Evrèmonde she immediately rejects him so much that she knits his name into the list of people she wants dead. Madam Defarge, being a well known revolutionary, informs other revolutionaries of the news. Unaware that Charles Darnay left behind his aristocracy and all of his inheritance, the revolutionaries despise him. During his trial, the crowd was angry at Charles and wanted him to be executed. This is a good example of how aristocrats were viewed showing that the revolutionaries wanted the aristocracy abolished. Regardless of gender, race, or creed the revolutionaries despised him for his

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