Beowulf Quotes

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Legendary hero is driven by affection and duty of his kind of battling for those who seeks his help and need. I'll be discussing an epic poem about Beowulf. Beowulf is an important character in this poem. Pagan and Christian tradition illustrating these cultures combined of a Geat Prince. Sent to kill a powerful, mean, big monster that haunted the moors. They called him Grendel reasons why Beowulf was sent along with his loyalty and strength which makes him a legendary hero. Beowulf is true to his culture. Although most heroes do it for frame and riches that is not the point in this epic poem but has attempting to accomplish things because that's what he likes to do. When he came upon the King requesting that he helps defeat this beast they are having problems with. Quotes from the poem states "the fight would be unfair with swords and amour against his foe." Then states "My hands along shall fight for me, struggling for life against the monster." Line 265-268. Referring that these people has his loyalty to the people on killing this on his own.…show more content…
The shepherd of evil, guardian of crime knew at once nowhere on Earth had met a man whose hand was harder. Grendel was awakened to see Beowulf, showing his fearless strength. Quoted from the epic poem "Screams of the almightily emery sang in the darkness, the horrible shrieks of pain and defeated, the tear torn out of Grendel tout throat hell is captive caught in the amours of him who of all men on Earth was the strongest." Line
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