Why Are College Athletes Too Commercialized

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Although college sports have become too commercialized, it does in fact help boost schools revenue....in certain schools. But, in order for it to do so, teams must be able to perform well every single week. The saying "Practice makes perfect" comes into play here because that's just what teams have to do. When teams don't have games, they must practice. On a more serious note however, the colleges that benefit the most from sporting commercialization are the big, powerhouse schools. As a matter of fact, even big schools have trouble making money from sporting events. Based on an NCAA study, only twenty schools had made a profit from the revenue received from sporting events. The median average that teams made was three million dollars for football, and the average for basketball was only a slim 340,000 dollars. The average profit for the…show more content…
One of the main reasons college athletic programs don't play a valuable role in education is because the athletes don't have enough time to attend class. They can be categorized as full-time athletes because most teams practice more than 40 hours every single week. It's hard for them to create time outside the sport, so there has to be a solution to this problem. One solution to this problem is to cut practice times. This would be crucial because they would then be able to get longer breaks from sports and attend class. Another solution to the college athletic programs problem would be to offer the missed class time in the athletes off-season. They would still have practice during the off-season, but they would be able to then get a higher education by making up missed class

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