Odysseus And Gilgamesh Research Paper

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Gilgamesh and Odysseus were two very important parts of their religion and culture. Both were heroes of their different time periods. Odysseus was one of the most important Greek leaders during the Trojan war and he was also a ruler of the Kingdom of Ithaca. Gilgamesh had a big title as well being the King of Uruk in Babylonia. As they both went on their epic journeys, Odysseus had more of the brains and a mental edge, while Gilgamesh had a lot of physical strengths that he could use to his advantage in different situations. Gilgamesh being the King of Uruk, became very confident and a little arrogant at times. Part of the reason he felt and acted this way was because he was two-thirds God. His superior standing in the community made him big

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