Environmental Issues In The Auto Industry

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The American auto industry has very well developed over time. The American industry is known for its job source and for the issues that cars are being made to address. From features to production the auto industry is large and quite competitive. Today, most advertisements for cars highlight their efficiency in the changing environment and how the car has been improved to do less harm to the environment. The auto industry is concerned with their impact on the environment as are its consumers. There has been a global competition in the more recent decades of the industry to create the most eco friendly, people friendly, and affordable car. In America, there have been the laws and standards set for auto manufacturers as to the fuel efficiency…show more content…
Concern for environmental conservation became important and Congress passed more laws that impacted the auto industry. One of the laws is the Vehicle Air pollution and Control Act of 1965 which was created to set standards on the air pollution emitted by cars. The other major law passed was the Clean Air Act passed in the 1970s. This act demanded that the emission caused by cars be reduced 90% in the following six years. Soon after this awareness came about, there was an oil crisis and another law was put into place in 1975 saying that the cars must run a certain number of miles for every gallon of gas which was set at 27.8mpg. All of these laws were set to monitor the pollution cars emit. These laws affected the cost and the factors and features put into each car as they are in production. A big trend in the American auto industry (as is globally) is alternatively powered vehicles. Cars are being produced to run on alternative fuels. Electricity, fertilizers, compose, air, even french fry grease is being used to power cars so that fewer harmful gases…show more content…
Another thing that manufacturers in the industry in America have to be concerned with is the conservation of the land around their plant or that their manufacturing plant is located on. The companies are held responsible for the chemicals and possible harm and pollution that the factory could be creating in the area in which they are located. So when a factory closes, the company must make sure that they are properly and safely disposing of anything that can harm the environment. Likewise, when a factory is opening, they must make sure they follow all of the environmental regulations of that area. American society today is built on quick transportation, so the car industry is not likely to die out soon, at least not in the US. As a matter of fact, the industry has noticed that people are labeled by what they drive. Therefore, industries aim their marketing to appeal to the specific lifestyles and the concerns of that audience. For examples, vans to mothers and sports cars to to males. The industry takes the concerns of those people to add or

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