Environmental Effects Of Eutrophication

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Introduction The topic of Eutrophication is an environmental process that affects the chemical and biological properties of the water ecosystem. This topic was chosen as the investigation of this EEI, due of its harmful effects on the water’s ecosystem. Eutrophication The topic Eutrophication is defined by Schindler, 2006 “Eutrophication is characterized by excessive plant and algal growth due to the increased availability of one or more limiting growth factors needed for photosynthesis”. This process can either occur naturally or affected by human development, as the factor for causing this environmental process is by the clearing of the vegetation’s and the altering of the water path, this is due of the water in the area quickly moving…show more content…
This is because the Dissolved Oxygen (DO) available within the water will reduce, this is possibly because of the amount of Algal Bloom that is present in the water will take up the oxygen during its decomposition process which requires Oxygen. The pH level of the water will increase due of the Algal bloom covering the surface of the water which affects the photosynthesis rate of the water, causing an chemical by-product effect on the water, therefore making the water basic. While the temperature of the water will not have a massive change, but will have a profound effect during the process of Eutrophication as most macro and micro algae’s temperature preference is between 15 to 30 degrees celcius which is approximately the room’s…show more content…
During the investigation, the lists of equipment that are used are 25x 50ml Beakers, a pH scale device, an oxygen level scale device, a temperature detector device (specifically for water), a liquid fertilizers and a bucket of duckweeds. Method A series of method was carried out before 2 days after gathering the results of the test. The group first gathered the 25x 50ml Beakers and marked at its respective groups, after marking the beakers it is then filled ¾ of its capacity of tap water and is then filled precisely with 50 amount of duckweed. Before adding the liquid fertilizers within the beaker, it is important to record the temperature, pH level and the oxygen level. After the ‘before’ data has been listed fill in the beaker with liquid fertilizers at their respective amount; • Beaker 1 = 0ml • Beaker 2 = 0.5ml • Beaker 3 = 1.0ml • Beaker 4 = 1.5ml • Beaker 5 = 2.0ml After leaving the test for 2 days, the gathering of results has been carried out, this is done by using the mentioned devices to gather its respective results in brief pH scale device is used to determine the ‘after’ pH level, the oxygen level scale device is used to gather the dissolved oxygen (DO) of the water and the temperature device used for determining the temperature. Furthermore if any anomalies or errors are present during the ‘gathering’ record

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