Energy: The Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy

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Biomass Have you ever thought about energy when it comes to most people they will think of the energy that comes to their house form an energy plant. When we carry our phone around we don’t ever think that there is energy but instead we call it a battery. When our phones run of battery we just plug it up to it's charger and only think of when the phone will turning back on but what happens before your phone turn back on, how do you get the electric to your house there are many ways to energy to your house in many different ways. When thinking about energy we can think of nonrenewable and renewable but never think about the process and the side effect of how it may affect the animal and plants even the Earth and the most important question…show more content…
Solar energy has other was pros that biomass such as it is financial support form government/state, low maintenance and the technology is improving but the when it comes to the cons it's expensive, intermittent, the energy storage is expensive, associated with pollution, exotic materials, last but not least is requires space for the panel. Meanwhile wind power comes with many pros and cons. Some of the pros are it's a clean source of fuel, no water useage, its inexhaustible , low cost, mostly built on existing farm and ranches and creates jobs for the owner of the farm or ranches when the wind energy company rent the land owner land to put their turbines on the land but with that there is the cons. Wind power may be a good way for energy but the bad thing is that most good site for the turbines are located area away from the city and causes noise last but not least is may affect wildlife or damage wild life with the turbines blades. The main reason for choosing biomass for an energy source is because it's just like the other energy sources, its abundant ,cost effective, and renewable with the only exception of being part of the carbon cycle and is important to our atmosphere while the other renewable energy has lots of cons when it comes to biomass it has very little effect such as it’s expensive and requires space in which compare to the other it has the less bad

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