Who Is To Blame For Emmett Till's Murder?

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Throughout American history some murders go unpunished and there is no one to blame due to our racial opinion. Meanwhile, Emmett Till an African-American teenager was brutally murdered at the age of fourteen after being reported flirting with a white woman. Emmett Till was from Chicago, Illinois visiting his relatives, preferably his cousin, in Mississippi. He spoke to Carolyn Bryant the married white woman at a small grocery store which is owned by her husband, Roy Bryant, and her. Several days later, Roy Bryant and his half brother took Emmett Till away to a barn, where they beat him up and shot him through the head and dumped his body in a river. They found Emmett Till's body three days later and returned to Chicago to his mother. His mother,…show more content…
This all took place during the 1950’s in the South where racism was still going on, and where the white and black crimes were still occurring. Just because little ol’ Emmett Till was dared to go ahead and flirt with Carolyn Bryant all this chaos started off. Even though Carolyn Bryant treated her life as a fairy tale, why didn’t she leave her husband knowing he was a murderer? After Emmett Tills murder it changed Carolyn's life for the worse. The guilt suddenly took over Carolyn Bryant that's why her hatred suddenly turned into flowers. Gwendolyn Brooks is trying to show us that no matter what Carolyn’s husband did she will always stick by him no matter what. Carolyn reveals that her feelings and emotions towards her husband take over her because she doesn’t want to break something that was once “perfect”. We see a lot of side of Carolyn Bryant as the poem starts to develop, we see her as a mother, a wife, and someone who hates her husband but can’t do anything about it because she feels remorse and is affected by her…show more content…
Meanwhile, A Mississippi Mother Burns Bacon” by Gwendolyn Brooks she tells us how Carolyn refers to her husband as the Fine Prince and Emmett Till as he Dark Villain when she states, “And the Fine Prince-and that other-so tall, so broad, so Grown!” (line 32), “when the Dark Villain was a blackish child of fourteen…” (lines 26-27). This is where we see Carolyn changes her opinion about her husband and then begins to realize that her husband is not a prince as she imagined him to be. She is starting to hate her husband every second she is alone with him because she feels like she does not know if that is the person she married. Brooks describes a woman who begins to feel remorse and start to feel a deep sense of guilt from her part, but who is helpless to act about the situation due to her feelings. Her feelings are pulling her away from doing the right thing and standing up for herself and her son when all she could do is go against her husband in court and put him in

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