Emmett Till: A Big Problem In Lynching

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Lynching was a big problem in the early 1900’s. When a 14-year-old .black boy went to visit a store in Money, Mississippi, he did not expect what would happen next. When angry, racist white men and women do not like the black people who are in their town, they turn to violence to solve it. Unfortunately for young Emmett Till, this was exactly the case, taken from his house at gunpoint, he had no choice but to go with the men. Emmett Till was a 14-year-old young man. He was visiting his uncle in Money, Mississippi. He visited a store with his cousin and friends. He bragged to them how he had a white girlfriend back home in Chicago, Illinois. One of the boys, unidentified, had dared him to flirt with the white store owners, white wife. Till went inside, and he bought some gum and reportedly grabbed Carolyn Bryant, the store owner’s wife by the waist and whispered to her sexual comments and whispered, “Bye baby” and before he left, he wolf-whistled at her, stated (source 1). Carolyn told her husband about this and he went to Till's uncle's house and threatened Till and his uncles to do what they said at gunpoint. Carolyn, years later said, that Emmett did nothing to her and he also did not deserve what happened to him. He died a painful and unfair death. Emmett Till was murdered on August 28th, 1955. He was taken at gunpoint and…show more content…
Many people came to his funeral to support him and his death caused a national outrage. One way in which the people were affected is that his mother became a civil rights activist after his funeral because of the horrific events that happened to her son. The people raised over 10,000 dollars for Emmett and his family. The people affected were outraged and in disbelief that the all white, jury said that the murderers Roy Bryant, and his half-brother Milam, were not guilty. It is said that his murder galvanized the Civil rights Movement by (source

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