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“Oh my gosh. Look at her butt!” Many have uttered that phrase while discussing the queen Nicki Minaj. As most people know, Minaj has a very distinct persona. On the outside Nicki portrays a very hardcore and provocative bad girl as evident with the way she dresses and in songs like 'Beez in the Trap'. Everyone pays attention to the character Nicki portrays but what most people don't realize, is who Nicki Minaj actually is. Nicki is the most talented, most charitable and most hard working artist in the music industry. Just those reasons alone explain why Nicki Minaj is the greatest artist in the world. First of all Nicki Minaj is incredibly talented. Unlike many other artists (such as Elton John, Selena Gomez and even One Direction) Nicki…show more content…
She is able to bring out all of her emotions and feelings into songs that ends up being powerful and meaningful which is a thing that not many artists (rappers especially) can do effectively. Nicki can rap about nearly anything and she is able to write songs in multiple genres like Pop, Hip Hop and R&B. Artists like Beyoncé and have asked for her specifically to be featured in their music. They know Nicki has a strong work ethic and will get the job done right. Nicki will not stop until the song is perfect and has a strong message. Not only is Nicki Minaj a phenomenal rapper, but she can sing too! Songs like 'Grand Piano' and 'Turn Me On' showcase some of her greatest performances where there is next to no rap! But singing isn't her only other talent. Minaj is a very skilled actress (she did go to LaGuardia High School of Music & Art in New York). She has acted in movies like 'The Other Woman' where she got amazing reviews noting that she was “scene stealing” (Betsy Sharkey LA Times) and even “the best part of the film” (Business Insider). Not only has she acted in movies, but Nicki has also appeared as both the

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